Experienced Wildland Firefighters

Join our professional team out on the fireline for the 2023 fire season. Individuals will need to provide documentation of their previous time on the fireline.

Base Fire Rate $16.00/hr. plus $4.59/hr. Health and Welfare for the first 40 hours of the workweek

Average hourly pay $20.59-$24.00/hr.

*Additional compensation for sawyers and MSPA approved drivers

 Hourly Wage Dependent On Experience And Qualifications
(additional compensation for experienced sawyers and MSPA approved drivers)

Notice: Proof of Covid vaccination may become necessary based on federal contract terms and conditions contingent on current Nationwide injunction placed on executive order 14042


  • More than 15 documented operational periods on the fireline in  the last 5 years
  • Travel
  • Willingness to continuously learn new skills
  • Remain drug-free (including marijuana) and submit to testing upon request
  • Team player with a positive attitude

Job Duties:

  • Contain, control, and suppress wildland fire
  • Rapid on-call deployment preparedness for wildfire and emergency incidents
  • Utilize hand tools and equipment, such as pulaski, shovel, hazel hoe, ax, and chainsaw
  • Perform basic fireline activities including line construction, moving dirt, hose layout, cut, scatter, and removal of fuels using hand tools
  • Coordinate as an organized crew during wildfires and prescribed burns holding the line, patrolling, monitoring fire behavior, and performing mop-up operations
  • Operate outdoors in remote and rugged conditions with extended travel and overnight camping.
  • Abide by all safety standards to mitigate risk while on assignment

Miller Timber Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.


Experienced Wildland Firefighters
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