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Our Mission

Miller Timber Services, Inc. is focused on the preservation, protection, and sustainability of our forests for generations to come. We are devoted to providing government agencies, landowners, and business partners our guaranteed reputation of professionalism, efficiency, and best-value forest management solutions while instilling pride, passion, and purpose in the work our employees perform.

Miller Timber Services provides comprehensive forest management solutions that are unparalleled in the industry. Our company is a leader in the preservation, protection, and sustainability of our forests.


Our Vision

We were founded on the heritage and traditions of the West. With that as our guide for a simple beginning, we have developed a set of deeply held beliefs as a company that guide and govern our behaviors and interactions with others. Quality performance, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and teamwork serve as its cornerstone. This is known as “The Miller Timber Way”.

Miller Timber Services’ dedicated employees “ride for the brand”. We understand that success is not dictated by a single person within the company, but by the collective, collaborative efforts of a team driven by a common sense of purpose and direction.

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Our  History

Miller Timber Services, Inc. A family-owned Business

Miller Timber Services, Inc. is a family-owned, small business with over 30 years of forest management and emergency services experience. The Company started under sole-proprietorship in June of 1981. A short year later, it became an Oregon corporation owned by Lee and Belinda Miller. Although the Company’s place of origin was Siletz, Oregon, it was relocated to Philomath, Oregon in 1987. Since its early beginning, Miller Timber Services, Inc. has expanded in both capability and expertise by providing comprehensive forestry and emergency services for private and industrial landowners, as well as government agencies.

Growth of Miller Timber Services, Inc. and increased demand for the Company’s capabilities led Lee, in January 1993, to form L & B Reforestation, Inc. L & B Reforestation, Inc. was founded as a sister company to Miller Timber Services as a means to provide the most comprehensive solution in meeting the challenges of forest management. Named after Lee and Belinda Miller, this related corporation enjoys the benefits of operating synonymously with Miller Timber Services, Inc.

Corporate lines are blurred as resource leveraging is a common practice. This segment of the business possesses the technical knowledge and capability to provide a wide variety of reforestation solutions.

Another integral part of the Miller Timber Services business model is Miller Timber Logging, Inc. Miller Timber Services, Inc. began logging operations in 1994. Early interest in cut-to-length (CTL) technology served as the foundation for growth in all aspects of logging. The first yarder side, with landing machines, was added in 1996. In December 2002, as Miller Timber Services Inc. continued to expand, Miller Timber Logging, Inc. was formed as a sister company to operate the logging division, further increasing the Company’s breadth and depth.

In combination, our affiliation of companies (Miller Timber Services, Inc., and L & B Reforestation, Inc., collectively referred to as Miller Timber Services, Inc.), provides an extensive, well-diversified line-up of capabilities.

Our Approach to Safety

Quality and safety go hand-in-hand at Miller Timber Services, Inc. We strive for top-quality work performed in a highly productive manner, with safety as our first priority. Miller Timber Services, Inc. believes that one of the best approaches to safety and health is to foster an environment that promotes greater awareness as to the importance of safe behaviors, practices, and systems. Miller Timber Services, Inc. strives to proactively mitigate risks before they become incidents.

Safety Program Objective: Create a culture where all employees proactively care for each other’s safety and welfare.

Vision of the Future: Miller Timber Services, Inc. believes that a totally safe culture is one in which everyone feels responsible for the safety and pursues it on a daily basis.
Elements of such a culture must include:

  • Safety owned and accounted for by individuals and teams alike
  • Increased personal commitment through participation and involvement
  • Risks managed and acted upon before they become incidents
  • Creating a culture where it’s okay to intervene

The company safety program is one in which individual employees are held accountable for their own safety and the safety of others. Employees recognize safety as one of their first and foremost job responsibilities. Co-workers actively hold one another accountable for their personal safety and well-being.

All employees receive on-the-job instructional training, where they are shown how to work safely, utilizing proper techniques to protect both themselves and others from injury/illness. Job performance is effectively monitored to ensure that the quality of work being performed meets company standards.

Regular safety meetings are conducted with employees and members of the supervisory/management staff. Strict alcohol, controlled substances, and human rights policies are in place and rigorously maintained. All employees are required to wear approved protective gear. Hardhats, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and work boots are mandatory on all project work.

Our  Team

Committed to team excellence

Committed to Team Excellence

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