Wildland Firefighting Jobs

Miller Timber Services, Inc. fire division provides wildland fire suppression resources year-round, traveling nationwide to fight wildfires and assist with all-hazard assignments (natural disasters), prescribed fire incidents, and hazardous fuels reduction.

*Notice to All Applicants: Miller Timber Services, Inc. has a strict zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.*

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Entry Level Openings:

Entry Level Wildland Firefighter (FFT-2) -Training Provided

Travel nationwide to suppress wildfires. Paid travel, overtime, meals provided, more than 150 openings for the fire season, get started today and invite a friend ...
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Experienced Openings:

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Supervisory Openings:

Seasonal Crew Supervisors: Qualified Crew Bosses-CRWB, Engine Bosses -ENGB and Squad Bosses -FFT1

Looking for hard working, experienced fireline supervisors ready to lead crews and engines nationwide. High number of days on incident, great pay, strong company culture ...
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Firefighter Expanded, for qualified crew supervisors-CRWB, ENGB, or FFT1 (Year-Round Fire and Forestry)

Full Time, Year-Round Fire, Fuels and Forestry Position with Benefits.
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*Notice to All Applicants: Miller Timber Services, Inc. has a strict zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

Miller Timber Services Wildland Firefighting Training Courses

Miller Timber Services, Inc. has National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) certified lead instructors on staff. Wildfire training courses are designed to provide resources that meet or exceed all training, safety, experience, and physical fitness standards identified in the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS 310-1) .

Miller Timbers’ lead instructors extensive wildland fire experience enhances the course delivery and integrates real life hands-on simulated segments and scenarios to prepare students for the realities of the profession. 

From entry-level firefighter training, annual refresher courses, chainsaw training to advanced fireline supervisor classes, our instructors guide students to success.


Wildland Firefighting Physical Fitness

Miller Timber places a high value on pre-season fitness and has added assessments to encourage season readiness. 

Wildland Firefighting Physical Fitness Assessment:

  • Pack Test
  • 1.5 Mile Run
  • Push-ups and Sit-ups

Wildland firefighters who aspire to work on a handcrew on the fireline must complete the Arduous Pack Test (Work Capacity Test-WCT). The Pack Test consists of a 3 mile walk over level terrain in 45 minutes or less while carrying a 45-pound pack. 

A 1.5 mile run with no pack is completed by participants in addition to a one minute push-up and sit-up drill. The additional assessments and drills do not have a minimum goal to meet, but should be completed to the best of one’s ability.

If you are driven and competitive, check out the perspective of one frontline firefighter to learn how they physically prepare for fire season.


Other Jobs At Miller Timber

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Depending on the hiring agency some firefighters do receive hazard pay, but not all. It’s important to look at the full compensation package provided by each employer. In addition, pay attention to the average number of days on incident in which you may work at that pay rate.
No degree is needed. In fact, many wildland firefighters use their fire career to pay for their college education.
This is dependent on the Company or Agency in which a wildland firefighter is employed by and their job classification as a “seasonal” or “full-time” employee. Miller Timber Services Inc.’s full-time, year-round employees receive health insurance, and seasonal firefighters receive an hourly fringe benefit of health and welfare paid on the first 40 hours of the work week while deployed on a fire assignment.
Wildland firefighter pay will be dependent on the organization or agency in which you work. Pay is typically based on your experience level, certifications, and qualifications.
By searching professional, private wildland fire Companies careers pages, looking for online job boards, and visiting government job websites. You can also find jobs through this website at Miller Timber!
Completing the arduous pack test should be considered the minimum standard. A high degree of pre-season physical fitness reduces your risk of injury, sprains, strains and increases overall job satisfaction.
Not being reachable by phone at the time of a fire deployment. If you can’t be reached, you can’t be mobilized to a wildfire incident. Always make sure your employer or agency has your current contact information.
There is no minimum grade level required to be a qualified firefighter, however you must be at least 18 years of age to work on the fireline.
Wildland firefighters “average” day is a 14 hour shift that may be spent holding line, mopping up, gridding, putting in a hose lay, and direct line construction. Tactics and operational plans can change quickly throughout the day.
There is a high demand for wildland firefighters. Whether you complete a summer or two as a seasonal wildland firefighter or go on to make it a career as a supervisory crew leader, you can always count on no two days being the same! A career in Wildland Firefighting is challenging, rewarding, and promotes always being a student of fire and learning something new.
Trained wildland firefighters who have deployed to wildfire incidents and fought fire on the fireline for at least one season.
You will work outdoors in all weather conditions in varying terrain that might include steep, remote forested environments. If you don’t enjoy working in the great outdoors and can’t live without wi-fi and cell coverage every hour of the day, Wildland Firefighting may not be the work environment for you.
Wildland firefighters can work for more than 100 professional, private wildland fire service employers or choose to work for multiple government agencies.
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