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Wildland Firefighting Services

Miller Timber Services offers a diverse wildland fire management program spanning more than three decades. We specialize in 20-person type 2 and type 2IA hand crews that respond to wildfire incidents nationwide.

Our crews are available for initial attack, fire suppression, mop-up, standby preparedness, hazard fuels treatments, prescribed burning, burned area rehabilitation, and all-hazard incidents.

Heavy equipment resources including dozers, skidgines, feller bunchers, and forwarders are mobilized with skilled operators to meet incident management team objectives on the fireline.

Miller Timber’s fleet of engines and tenders built for offroad conditions facilitate the transport and use of water on the fireline to suppress wildland fires. Experienced, skilled professional timber fallers can also be provided to perform hazard tree removal on the fireline.

We create custom solutions, and package multiple resources together, to meet incident management teams fireline objectives. Optimizing a quick and efficient solution when time is short and response is critical.

Tender Mountain

Wildland Fire Response

The geographic diversity and multiple contracts, agreements, and I-BPA’s held with Government entities including USFS, ODF, BLM, private and industrial landowners, and the ability to quickly establish Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements (EERA), has established Miller Timber as a leader in the Wildland Fire response industry.

We have multiple designated dispatch points in various states and established training and mobilization sites at our corporate headquarters in Philomath, Oregon and Northern and Southern Idaho. Our trained wildland firefighters are mobilized throughout the United States as needed for incident response.

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Miller Timber Services responds to wildland fire incidents nationwide. Most recently the Company proudly deployed firefighting resources internationally. Firefighters responding internationally will need to provide current passports at time of mobilization.

Over more than 30 years of firefighting experience the Company has responded to multiples states and worked in varying fuel types and terrain.


NWCG Wildland Firefighter Training

Miller Timber Services, Inc. has met or exceeded NWCG training standards since 1994. The Company’s National Wildfire Suppression Association lead instructors have over 35 years of first-hand wildland firefighting experience

This experience and expertise in the profession has enhanced the training provided. Classroom and hands-on in the field training and simulations are provided to ensure the safety and readiness of all participants. 

All Entry-Level firefighters attend a 40-hour fire academy to prepare them for the profession, including completing the physical fitness testing, Work Capacity Test (WCT) at the Arduous Level 

A competitive 1.5-mile run is completed by participants following the pack test and one minute sit-up and push up drill. Pre-season fitness is critical to firefighter safety and reduces the risk of injury and illness on the fireline.

Exceptional training is critical for wildland fire emergency responders. Annual recertification training RT-130 is held for all returning firefighters to ensure their skills are kept sharp, covering local topics and areas of concern that can impact firefighter safety. 

Advanced trainings including S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaw, and fireline supervisors’ courses are also instructed at Miller Timber to continue the growth and development of fireline personnel.

Fire in Treeline Upright

Wildland Firefighter Expanded

Miller Timber Services, Inc. retains a core group of key fireline personnel year-round. These wildland firefighters perform fire, fuels, and forestry work throughout the year.  

These supervisors serve as the backbone of Miller Timber’s fire program, assisting with fire training courses, fire cache rehab, and pre-season preparations to ensure all equipment remains in a state of ready for rapid deployments. 

Expanded fire career positions provide family wage jobs with benefits, and retain leadership that understands the Company's mission, vision, value, and culture of the organization.  

Our values are passed down when on-boarding the seasonal fire staff ensuring consistent, high-quality wildland firefighting crews’ season after season.

Looking for a crew of professional wildland firefighters?

Are you in need of a skilled crew of professional wildland firefighters?
If you require a dedicated team to handle various fire and forestry services, look no further.

Contact us for:

  • Forestry Technician services including unit layout, stand exams, mortality surveys, planting audits, and more.
  • Construction of recreational and fireline trails.
  • Fire Risk Assessments to evaluate and mitigate potential fire hazards.
  • FireWise Fuels Treatments and Defensible Space services to create safer environments.
  • Hazardous Fuels Reduction to minimize the risk of wildfires.
  • Young Stand Thinning for healthier forest growth.
  • Recreation Land Management to maintain and enhance recreational areas.
  • Habitat Enhancement and Restoration to protect and preserve wildlife.
  • Burned Area Rehabilitation to restore areas affected by wildfires.
  • Prescribed Fire Support for controlled and managed burns.
  • Nature Preserve Maintenance and Enhancement services to protect and enhance natural areas.


Wildland firefighting refers to the specialized field of combating wildfires in natural outdoor settings, such as forests, grasslands, and rural areas. It involves strategies and techniques aimed at suppressing and controlling wildfires to protect lives, property, and natural resources.

Our wildland firefighting service offers a range of specialized services, including fire suppression, fire risk assessments, fuels treatments, defensible space creation, hazardous fuels reduction, trail building, young stand thinning, habitat enhancement, prescribed fire support, burned area rehabilitation, and more. We provide comprehensive solutions to mitigate the risks and impacts of wildfires.

Yes, our firefighters are highly trained, experienced, and certified in wildland firefighting techniques. They undergo rigorous training programs that meet industry standards and safety guidelines to ensure their competence in handling challenging fire situations.

Our response time to wildfire incidents may vary depending on factors such as the location, accessibility, and prevailing conditions. However, we prioritize rapid response and have efficient systems in place to mobilize our trained crews and equipment promptly to minimize the spread and impact of wildfires.

Safety is our top priority. Our crews undergo rigorous safety training, follow established protocols, and use personal protective equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of others. We also adhere to industry best practices and closely monitor fire behavior and changing conditions to make informed decisions that prioritize safety.

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