Wildland Firefighting

Wildfire Suppression Crews
Miller Timber Services, Inc. has multiple wildland fire suppression crews available for initial attack, fire suppression, mop-up, standby preparedness, and all-hazard incidents. The Company prides itself on the excellent performance evaluations these crews receive while responding to incidents.

Miller Timber Services, Inc. has met or exceeded NWCG training standards since 1994. The Company’s National Wildfire Suppression Association lead instructor has over 20 years of first-hand wildland firefighting experience. This experience and expertise in the profession have to lead to the development of an exceptional wildland firefighting training program.

The company has a diverse fleet of wildland engines that can be deployed to meet specific incident needs. Available engines range from Type 4 engines with 1000 gal. water tanks to multiple Type 6 engines with 200-250 gal. capacity. Engines with foam capability are also available. All supervision, equipment, supplies, and transportation of these engines are provided.

The Company’s tenders and tactical tenders respond to suppression activities nationwide. With the ability to transport 3200 gallons of water, suppression objectives are quickly achieved.

Strike Team Leaders
Overhead personnel with over 18 years of wildland firefighting experience are available to manage and coordinate the efficient use of resources at wildfire incidents, prescribed burns, and all-hazard incidents.

Single Fallers and Faller Modules
Miller Timber Services, Inc.’s highly skilled professional timber fallers can be rapidly deployed to wildfire/emergency incidents requiring hazard tree felling and snag removal. These professional fallers have countless hours of falling timber and are highly skilled and experienced in the evaluation and removal of damaged and diseased timber. The Company can provide single fallers or modules consisting of two professional fallers, depending on the needs of the incident.