Taking Care Of Baldy

By Sabina Dana Plasse Photos courtesy Sun Valley Company

As most Wood River Valley residents and those who frequent the area know, wildfire and beetle kill is an ever-present situation that requires consistent attention to mitigate wildfire risk and improve forest health. In an ongoing landscape-scale and multi-year plan as well as a unique partnership, the Bald Mountain Stewardship Project (BMSP) is preserving Baldy in collaboration with Sun Valley Company (SVC), the National Forest Foundation (NFF), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to ensure that our renowned recreation destination continues to be a world-class experience while improving forest health and reducing fuels and associated fire risk. This ambitious project is projected to cover over 6,000 acres of land split between the USFS and the BLM, with over 3,000 acres on Bald Mountain. The project aims to protect the area’s forests, economy, and viewshed. Read More Here

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