Javier Cabeza

Machine and Mechanical Shop Staff

Shop Manager – November 1993 to present

Javier Cabeza-Ramirez is the shop manager and lead mechanic for Miller Timber Services. Javier ensures company vehicles are repaired as necessary and routinely serviced and maintained in proper, safe working order.

Javier serves as a wildland firefighter, making minor repairs to equipment on the fireline when required. His years of experience working as a mechanic on forestry and firefighting vehicles and equipment have given him a deep base of knowledge and expertise that make him invaluable in several of the mechanical and technical aspects of firefighting.

Javier supervises our shop mechanics. They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of fleet vehicles, fire equipment, heavy trucks, and heavy equipment. All shop mechanics are available to perform off-site repairs and support when needed. Miller Timber Services’ fully-equipped shop has the tools, equipment, and capacity to perform custom fabrications and modifications.

Training and Education

  • National College of Professional Technical Education
  • S-131,  Advanced Firefighter Training
  • FEMA IS 700,  National Incident Management System,  An Introduction
  • FEMA IS 800a,  National Response Framework, An Introduction
  • S-230,  Single Resource Boss – Crew
  • S-231,  Single Resource Boss – Engine
  • S-290,  Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
  • S-212,  Wildfire Power Saws
  • Certifications
  • CRWB
  • ENGB
  • ICT5
  • Language Skills Assessment – Bilingual
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