John Fortado

Transportation Division Staff

Vice President of Logistics – May 2012 to present

John Fortado has more than thirty-five years of industry experience in the timber and trucking industry.  He is a strong leader who is driven to support his people and reach daily production goals. As the lead truck dispatcher, he mobilizes the Company’s fleet of trucks on a daily basis.  Whether hauling logs, transporting heavy equipment, or moving water on the fireline he can be counted on to mobilize transportation resources. He is a skilled lowboy driver who understands the first-hand challenges drivers face on the road and the logistics necessary to keep them working daily and compliant with DOT standards.

John oversees the trucking fleet’s repair and maintenance schedule and prioritizes smart business decisions to assure the fleet’s uptime on the road.

Training and Education

  • RT-130, Fireline Safety
  • ODOT CDL Compliance Training
  • IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS)


  • Class A CDL, Doubles/ Triples Endorsement
  • LCV Certification-Long
  • Combination Vehicle
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